Scorpion Strike has been nominated for the Motor Boat of the Year award

This award, organised by industry leading magazine, Motor Boat and Yachting, is hugely coveted in the boat building industry. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in London on the 9th January 2012.

The Scorpion Strike 9m was launched at Southampton Boat Show in 2010 and has since undergone numerous press sea trials in the UK, Finland, France and Germany and has received fantastic press reviews. A leading Finnish boating magazine quoted during their review: “Its quite likely, that I will never get to drive as fabulous boat as this again.”

Andy Griggs, head of Scorpion’s design team, comments on the design: “The Strike was a fantastic opportunity for me to create a product that not only pushed the boundaries of the “Rigid Inflatable” paradigm, but also introduce a design language that Scorpion could build upon for future models. As a designer, I have always strived to design products in context with their environments and saw this as an opportunity to investigate and design the Scorpion Strike from a different perspective. RIBs are about being close to the water, providing an interaction with your surroundings that isn’t possible with other types of craft. The Strike demonstrates these qualities with its fluid lines and great any sea state capabilities, whilst still retaining a level of honesty that unmistakably lends its identity as a Scorpion RIB”

The Scorpion team are absolutely delighted that the Strike has been nominated for such an award.

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