Wintering in Porto Montenegro

Whilst conducting sea trials in Boka Bay yesterday, you could see that the highest mountain overlooking Porto Montenegro was capped with snow – a wonderful sight for a skier, as well as a gentle reminder to get the skis waxed! But a surprise, nevertheless, after a balmy November which has been much warmer and drier than in previous years.

The boat trip was my way of shaking off the after effects of a St. Andrew’s celebrations at the Yacht Club the previous evening, where the usual whiskey toasts were accompanied by a spectacular Montenegrin feast, supplied this year by the Big Ben Restaurant.

And for those of us in need of culture, there is Ballet Troupe Ballo’s latest production taking place in the Dom Vojske Theatre tonight, located in the corporate building of Porto Montenegro.

So despite the time of year, there’s still a lot going on here.  I’m even planning to attend a traditional roast Sunday lunch at the Primavera Hotel tomorrow.

Don’t believe anyone that tells you there’s nothing to do in yachting resorts in the winter…

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One Response to Wintering in Porto Montenegro

  1. Bruff says:

    Merry Christmas Edward, may we join you for the roast?

    Hope you have a prosperous 2013


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