Thousand Island Race 2014

The second Thousand Island Race from the sailing club of Rijeka to Porto Montenegro will be hard to forget. Winds varied wildly along the Croatian coast from complete calm at the start to strong “Bura” winds raging to over 70 knots, resulting in two broken masts, several torn sails, but luckily no injuries.

In the battle for the top position Esimit Europe 2, as the fastest boat in the race, was ahead of the storm and with a somewhat weaker wind, were only able to get to the finish line at Porto Montenegro in 38:24:08 hours.

This was well behind last year’s record set by Hungarian Wild Joe of 28:41:06 hours.  Many of the crew said this was probably one of the hardest races they had done in their sailing careers. Before the second leg from Tivat to Rijeka, competitors were able to take part in a regatta around the beautiful Boka Bay which was joined by the Yacht Club’s Blu 26’s.

What was surprising was that we won our class and what was truly surprising was that we also won overall on handicap! A wonderful achievement considering we were a scratch crew consisting of Helena Brandejsova from the Czech Republic, Peter Wilkie, UK, Marko Marinovic, Croatia and of course me.  Marko, who I only met the morning of the race proved to be an inspiration to us all, an ex-professional yachtsman he was an invaluable tactician who also taught us that a spinnaker can be very versatile sail in the right hands. When the overall results were published we then realised that we had beaten Esimit Europa 2 which is one of the fastest and technologically most advanced sailing yachts in the world with a maximum speed of over 38 knots. It was skippered by Jochen Schumann who has three Olympic golds and one silver medal to his name and was also part of the team that won the 2003 and 2007 America’s Cup.

At the presentation ceremony Tony Browne, a director of Porto Montenegro responsible for the marina, Tony Browne, Director of Porto Montenegro said in his opening speech that he envisaged the Thousand Islands Race will eventually hold as much interest in the yachting world as the Sidney to Hobart race.  This one however, will always be memorable to our team.

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2 Responses to Thousand Island Race 2014

  1. pete says:


    What a great piece, for me Edward I have had truly great experiences here in Porto, first was this race, and last weekend winning 3 races.

    Edward I am going to send this link to the RORC in London, for me, what we achieved

    on the day was truly exceptional and should be broadcast, to beat

    Esimit Europa 2 is a truly world glass result. Who, gets the chance at our level to

    beat Jocken not many, we did.

    Thank you

  2. Bruff says:

    Hi Edward, good to receive your newsletter as I was thinking only yesterday that it was about time I contacted you. First of all congratulations on your victoy,well done!
    Hopefully business is good too and that all is well in Montenegro, I haven’t received a wedding invitation so I assume your still “playing the field”—–good luck! Are you comming back to the UK for the festive season? be good to welcome you here in Scotland if you had the time. Both Ruth & me are well and enjoying life although not such a glamourous existance as yours, Sam & family are here for Christmas Day & Boxing Day so no doubt all hell will be let loose with two excited littleones in the mix.
    I speak to David every couple of months and he tells me that Piers is doing very well and recently won the Queens Award for Industry (must get his talent from his Mum)
    Anyway, very best wishes to you regards Bruff

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