Superyact Rendevous in Montenegro

The Superyacht Rendezvous came to a spectacular close on 5th July after three days of some of the world’s finest superyachts showcasing themselves against the unforgettable backdrop of the Montenegro landscape.  This was the first time the event was held outside Monaco for the last 23 years which was certainly an achievement that Porto Montenegro can be proud of.

Perfect weather ensured Montenegro was at its brightest with sparkling waters and clear skies for guests to experience all that the delightful country has to offer.

A series of events took place after Embraer Executive Jets opened the Rendezvous.  The first evening included a Yacht Hop when guests took the opportunity to visit their neighbour’s yacht and at the same time a cocktail competition took place between them.

A unique Cruise in Company took place the following morning when the yachts sailed through the mountainous beauty of the Bay of Kotor whilst the media helicopter circled closely overhead capturing some incredible shots. The yachts lined up for their photoshoot and sounded their horns in triumph!

The pinnacle of the event was the Superyacht Rendezvous Party bringing the evening to a spectacular close.  With a drinks reception by Misahara, the jewellery designer, a sumptuous dinner at the elegant Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, guests danced late into the night.

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  1. Bruff says:

    Hi Edward, been intending to contact you for a while so thanks for the Montenegro update which has spurred me into action.
    Trust you are well and of course busy! Hope the wedding went smoothly and that everyone had a good time—perhaps next step might take you to “grandad status”.
    Ruth & Me are in good health & spirits, the boat I’ve been building is now finished & awaiting a window in the awful Scotish summer to launch and see if she floats! not quite Montenegro material so you won’t be seeing her in Adriatic waters. No long bike trips have been undertaken this year but I am hoping to get over to Ireland for a trip up the east coast across the top & down the west coast but again weather dependant as I will be camping!
    As usual I must ask how the love life is fairing, surely by now you have met some beautiful rich countess who will insist that you marry her and that you must invite all your chums from the U.K. to take part in the celebrations!!
    Leave that thought with you Best wishes Bruff

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