Olympic Medalists hit Porto Montenegro

At this time of the year there are several promotional parties at Porto Montenegro but one really stood out the other week!  It was held by the boutique Heidi Klein and as we were sipping our Prosecco a group of about twenty young men and women joined the party. We were informed by Porto’s PR Manager that they were all Olympic medalists sponsored by Speedo who were in Montenegro for a photoshoot.

The evening turned into interesting and inspiring encounters with wonderful young athletes who all had a story of sheer determination to be the best!  In particular a couple of female paraplegic members of the team had accidents during their swimming careers and came back to win more medals at the Beijing and London Olympics.

Another wonderful evening at Porto Montenegro!

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One Response to Olympic Medalists hit Porto Montenegro

  1. Bruff says:

    Hi Edward, next time you have a bevie of beautiful superstars in town at least give me ample notice to enable me time to jump on my motorbike and join you!!
    Best wishes Bruff

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