Another first for Porto Montenegro

The Worldwide Yachting Association held its first event in Porto this year with an impressive line-up of yachts which provides a unique platform to network for brokers, agents and yachts operating in the Adriatic region.

As well as visiting the yachts on display, participants were invited to join seminars on the developing infrastructure and registration regulations in Montenegro and the wider Adriatic region.  Social events included a regional wine tasting hosted by Berba at Crush, a cocktail party at the Regent Hotel and further drinks on-board Sailing Yacht ‘Ryana’ (formally named ‘Queen of Andaman’) which has appeared in previous blogs.

All participants left knowing more about the region and the exceptional charter opportunities it offers.

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One Response to Another first for Porto Montenegro

  1. Bruff says:

    Hi Edward, great to know that life is still good in Porto, please spare a thought for us poor “highlanders” in rain soaked, wind swept, freezing cold Scotland——are you coming to see us this Christmas? (actually we are in Essex, weather permitting) but we’re back for new year. Or maybe you are a GRANDAD by now and have been seconded to babysit while the youngsters go party!! Whatever is hapening we wish you a merry Christmas & a Healthy Happy & Prosperous 2016.
    Very best wishes Bruff n Roo

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