Yacht Management

The role of yacht management is to make yacht ownership as exciting, pleasurable and safe as possible. MMS offers existing and prospective yacht owners a fully comprehensive yacht management programme from advice in what model suits their needs, finding and purchasing the right yacht, to finding a mooring and servicing the yacht. This could also involve bringing the yacht into the charter management program, with all the licensing and coding necessary. The yacht management programme allows MMS to look after the yacht all year round, arranging the annual maintenance, getting repairs done and ensuring it’s clean so owners can enjoy their yacht at any time they want.

Sometimes it can be difficult when entertaining guests on your yacht to both skipper it and be sociable.  Maybe you fancy having a few drinks over lunch?  Our skipper services could relieve you of your duties so you can relax with your guests and enjoy your day.  Or maybe you would just like a member of crew for the day to help you with the functions around the boat.

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